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Bill Cash Is A Victim Of Nominative Determinism

by | 29th, May 2009

bill-cashBILL Cash is a victim of nominative determinism.

It is not his fault. It’s his name that makes him the way he is. Bill Cash never stood a chance.

Bill Cash is Tory MP for Stone.

Bill Cash – can’t say that name enough – is reported to have claimed more than £15,000 of taxpayers’ money to pay the rent on his daughter Laetitia’s London flat. That’s Laetitia the wannabe Tory MP.

Bill Cash told the Commons that the flat owned by his daughter Laetitia was his “second home” in 2004 and 2005. At the time, Bill Cash owned a home closer to Westminster.

Bill Cash says he did not live at his own Westminster flat or rent it out at the time.

Miss Cash owned hr flat for around a year and half. For over a year Bill cash paid Miss Cash £1,200 rent for the public trough. Not long after Bill Cash moved out and stopped claiming – Miss Cash sold the flat for a £48,000 profit.

It is reported that Mr Bill Cash did then nominate two private members’ clubs as his “second home” for three months.

Says Bill Cash of Miss Cash:

“She was effectively in the position where she didn’t need the flat in the way that she would have done if she wasn’t getting married. She got married and her life was changing in different directions.

“And I had a tenancy agreement with her for one year approved in advance with the fees office and I didn’t claim anything with respect of the other property at all and I didn’t charge rent for it either.”

The penny drops…

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