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Rosie Winterton Soundproof’s Prescott’s Biscuit Tin

by | 29th, May 2009

rosie_prescottROSIE Winterton MP, the pensions minister, claimed £4,690 for “soundproofing of bedroom wall and redecoration to bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, staircase” – a claim reduced to £3,800 by the fees office, reports the Telegraph.

Guido says Winterton is John Prescott’s “former mistress”. Prescott is a notoriously loud biscuit eater. The Telegraph goes on:

Three months later Miss Winterton claimed £2,574 for installing a new television aerial and work on the front and back of the house.

Were the Jacqui Smiths popping over, too?

Another claim for £550 at the same time repaired a leak from a lavatory, which caused “damp stains” on the ceiling of the room below.

Ugh! Old Mr Anorak is forming mental image and feels his bulimia rising… Make way!

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