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You Ask, They Don’t Answer: Neal’s Yard Remedies

by | 29th, May 2009

shop_nealsyardTHE Guardian is offering readers a chance to ask questions of Neal’s Yard, the “ethical skin and body care products firm”.

In “You ask, they answer: Neal’s Yard Remedies” –

Following last week’s spotlight on Fairtrade and food, this week we turn our ‘You ask, they answer’ series to look at organics and beauty. For the next four days, ethical skin and body care products firm Neal’s Yard Remedies will be doing its best to answer your questions below.

Hereunder are a selection of comments – not one of which has been, er, answered… yet:

I went into Neal’s Yard the other day to get some sandalwood essential oil. The lady at the counter looked at me with a mixture of sorrow and pity and told me they wouldn’t sell it because sandalwood trees were “endangered”.
Why don’t you just plant some more then?!? – Feline 1973


Have you ever been offered a natural remedy that was so obviously without any merit that you refused to bottle it and sell it to your gullible customers, or does pretty much anything go? Do you see no problem with trying to be ‘ethical’ while at the same time selling snake oil for a living? – Saltycdogg


Your website states that:

The correct homoeopathic remedy will stimulate a sick person’s vitality to send healing energy where it is needed

1) what do you mean by “vitality” and how does a homeopathic remedy stimulate it?

2) what is “healing energy”? What units is it measured in and where does it come from? – geronimoJoe


there are so many other bold claims:

“Flower Remedies: Flower essences have been used successfully since the 1930s and influence the emotions positively and thus promote well-being.”

Define “successfully” and please link us to the research supporting your beliefs. – puzzlebob


Your website states:

The correct homoeopathic remedy will stimulate a sick person’s vitality to send healing energy where it is needed, thus rectifying mental, emotional and physical imbalances.

Could you please explain how the ‘correct homoeopathic remedy’ is decided on and describe the qualifications of the people who make these decisions?

I’d also be grateful for a biological definition of ‘healing energy’ and an indication of where I can find the scientific evidence for its existence – taekarisk


A homoeopathic remedy is not just a minute quantity of a substance, it has also been through a process of potentisation which enables the remedy to act as a catalyst on the subtle energies of the body. Homoeopathic remedies are therefore very sensitive and should be stored in a dark, cool place away from strong smells. sauce [sic].

Would Neal’s Yard like to explain in detail and give evidence for the process of “potentisation”…

Alternatively, would they like to explain which are the “subtle energies of the body”, what units they are measured in or indeed how they can be differentiated from the “obvious” energies? – Yan471

Only three days in and still no answers. Must be consulting the evidence…

New Black Bookan ethical PR company, sort of-ish



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