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Big Brother Live Feed Live

by | 29th, May 2009

big-brother-fanBIG Brother looms like an pensioned-off lap-dancer’s labia over a impotent City Boy, and the News of The World ups the hype by reporting:

FURIOUS readers have besieged the News of the World website with posts about Channel 4’s decision to drop the 24-hour live feed from the Big Brother house.

Right now, men and women in milk-bottle-thick glasses, dressed in cagoules and pre-worn underwear are encircled about the paper’s Wapping HQ, stamping their carpet slippers on the ground and in between chugs of prescription medication and Soda Stream shandy are screaming “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?”

Fan Liz posted: “They are seriously pushing the ‘true’ fans of the show now. Who wants to watch a ‘reality’ show that tells you how to interpret everyone and every bloody thing???

At a guess, we’d say journalists, the institutionalised and, er, did we say journalists?

“The highlight show is rubbish it isn’t a true portrayal of the house or HM at all. Do they seriously not see what their doing??? It’s strange that they seem to be killing the show themselves…..”

Kill. Big. Brother. Kill.

Fellow BB fan, Classictabby added: “I will not be watching this years BB if there is no live feed! Everyone that I know who watches BB says the same. Channel 4 may as well scrap the show now as it just won’t be the same without the live feed.”

If you can’t watch someone’s hissy fit and offence taking 24 hours a day, then what is the point of living?

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