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Susan Boyle Is The Hairy Pig

by | 30th, May 2009

demi-moore-susan-boyle6SUSAN Boyle Watch: Susan Boyle is the Hairy Pig, spreading her Susan Bole Fever over the world.

But – look out – she might not make it. The Boyle virus is in danger!

Sky News: Boyle ‘May Be Harmed’ By Tonight’s Final

An assassin?

Simon Newton, Sky News reporter, says:

Susan Boyle should be pulled out of tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent final, warns a former psychologist on Channel Four’s Big Brother.

This is Tabloid Bingo – the linking of two themes to create a new story. In this instance Susan Boyle is chance to introduce the next reality TV show, Big Brother.

Meanwhile over on the Mirror’s front page it’s:

ON THE EDGE: Health Fears for Katie [Price] and Susan as the strain shows.”

Katie Price [right] and Susan Boyle are linked. Bingo!

Back to Big Brother and Susan Boyle:

David Wilson, professor of criminology at Birmingham City University, says the 48-year-old charity worker may be harmed by the psychological pressure she faces.

Criminology? Is Susan Boyle likely to steal the microphone, or impale Ant ‘n’ Dec on it?

“The well being of Susan Boyle has to be prioritised over the needs of the programme,” he said.

“And if we prioritise Susan Boyle’s mental health needs then she should not go into the final because if she did I don’t believe the producers know how she will react.”

The benchmark for Wilson’s theory is the sobbing singing-ballerina Hollie Steel (with an “ie”), who whines in the manner of an 80-year-old cleaner polishing the silver, slowly. She is truly dreadful, truly truly dreadful. But look at the tears. Look! Look!! Look!!!

The little girl burst into tears, and the judges let her have another go after Simon Cowell told her: “I don’t care how we find it, but we’ll find the time somewhere”.

Sadly, that special time was not away from the cameras. And sobbing Hollie sobbed and sang and screeched and sang and sobbed and got through to the show’s final at the expense of those who failed to sob.

In the final look out for Sobbing Hollie blurting out, “It’s for (snot, sob, gulp!) Maddie”. And then pinching herself hard on the arm.

And the Big Brother nodding head is not the only one fearing for Boyle:

Neighbour Gary Barkhouse said: “I think the whole community worries for her. It’s a pressure she’s never had before.”

And Amanda Holden:

She told Sky News:”It’s very difficult for someone to go from anonymity to worldwide fame and to cope with something after just four weeks of being in the public eye.”

And not just for Amanda, but for Susan Boyle too.

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