Anorak News | China Introduces Its Own Happy Girl Susan Boyle

China Introduces Its Own Happy Girl Susan Boyle

by | 30th, May 2009

susan-boyle-in-china3THE Chinese news agency brings news of…

China’s Susan Boyle: oldest contender yet for “Happy Girl”

Wu Baiwei is China’s entry into the International Susan Boyle Show. Can Wu save China’s economy as Susan has saved ours?

She is at least three times older than many of her competitors. Meet 79-year-old Wu Baiwei, the oldest contender yet for China’s “Happy Girl.”

“I was on the street and saw many girls signing up for some kind of singing contest. I asked them if an old woman like me could take part and they said ‘yes’,” Wu said.

But isn’t China’s Susan Boyle her..?

Susan Boyle To Sing At Olympics Opening Ceremony

Image: Monkeon

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