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Royals To Perform At Royal Variety Show

by | 31st, May 2009

queen-laughingHURRAH! Britain’s Got Talent is over and Diversity beats Susan Boyle to win the chance to dance before the Queen at a Royal Variety Show, sandwiched between Jimmy Tarbuck and The Shadows.

Give the Queen a buzzer. Someone give the Queen a buzzer.

Can “psychiatrists” get The Queen through the show, as the Mail says the therapists helped Susan Boyle?

Will her Majesty continue to wear her hair in the Boyle mode?

Will Prince Edward prance from the wings and direct the performance to much wowing and delight?

It is high time the Royal Variety Show featured some Royals, as promised!

Ones to watch:

Prince Harry wearing a succession of baseball caps – some backwards!

Sarah Ferguson singing Nessun Dorma

Prince Charles performing the “Dead Begonia” sketch

Lady Louise crying

And many more…

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