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BNP Embraces Diversity

by | 1st, June 2009

hitler-diversityAS Susan Boyle goes the way of Amy Winehouse, the Mirror looks at Diversity, the all-shades dance troupe, and announces:

Talent kids inspire all.”

The “VOICE OF THE MIRROR” – a reedy voice that sounds like a Labour peer counting his expenses in a cave – proclaims:

To those doomsayers who run down our great country and indiscriminately label young people as yobs, we have a one word reply…

Mail? C***s? Rooney?


Go on:

The inspirational dance group which won the nation’s hearts on Britain’s Got Talent reflect so much that is good.

Like rhythm and dancing and fame and fortune…

Society isn’t broken, Britain isn’t broken if young people can come together and create something so amazing. Extremists, and a few mainstream politicians who should know better, claim otherwise. Well, Diversity’s proved them wrong.

The Sun agrees:

STREET dancer Ashley Banjo last night vowed his victorious Diversity crew will help FIX Broken Britain.

Can you claim Diversity to appear at your daughter’s debs ball or hustings address on expenses? The Mirror:

So when you go to the polls on Thursday, remember Diversity and vote for Hope not Hate by rejecting the menace of the likes of the BNP.

Says the BNP:

“The Breakdance National Party welcomes Diversity, and whether you be pink, white, pinky-white or whitey-pink, you can know that vote for us is vote for a Morris man in every front room!”

Vote now and vote often (votes cost £1 a minute and may cost you your country)…

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