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The Top Five Susan Boyle Moments

by | 1st, June 2009

susan-boyle-fatAS Susan Boyle prepares to forgo her knickers, shave her head and give broadsheet hacks a chance to write about Boyle Ghandi, and tabloid scribes an opening to wonder if sex with 48-year-old virgin is better than a shag with mum-of-two Britney Spearsvote now and vote often – (with expert opinion from Calum Best), we look back at Britain’s Got Talent.

What was the best bit? Anorak’s Top Five:

1. Hollie Steel – for daring to make method acting her talent. Her portrayal of a precocious, hard-to-like blubbing child running her cat’s nails down a blackboard was nothing short of brilliant. Deserved to win.

2. Shaheen Jafargholi – his audition for the part of young Luciano Pavarotti was almost perfect. All that prevented him from winning was his mum’s failure to pack a clean hanky. Unforgivable. Big future ahead of him. Huge. Massive.

3. 2Grand – was that his granddaughter or his secret lover? Such is the level of interest in the singing duo we may never know for certain.

4. Aidan Davis – Crying in a tear-jerky rhythm. The amateur-breakdancer’s amateur breakdancer.

5. Stavros Flately – making it ok to laugh at fat people again. Thanks, you fat b****** (see 2).

Susan Boyle is emotional…

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