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Farrah Fawcett’s Love Letter Fight

by | 2nd, June 2009

lottfawcettFARRAH FAWCETT’S celebrity cancer – on Celebrity Cancer News – is being watched by Anorak’s Man in LA.

In “Farrah Fawcett’s business partner and college beau fights visit ban by inundating Ryan O’Neal with Farrah fans’ cards and letters” he tells us:

As the Farrah Fawcett cancer plays out behind closed doors in a Beverly Hills area high-rise, one of her lifelong friends who’ve been denied access to her is striking back at her caretakers in a most unusual way.

In an action that brings to mind the scene in Miracle on 34th Street in which a judge is buried beneath sacks of letters to Kris Kringle, Greg Lott is directing Farrah fans’ cards, letters and packages to be sent to her apartment, so her longtime, on-again-off-again lover Ryan O’Neal can be “up to his neck” in them.

We’ve written about Greg Lott. He was Farrah’s football hero sweetheart in college forty-four years ago, gone down in tabloid legend as the man who lost her to Hollywood and Lee Majors, but who re-entered life in 1997 after she announced her split from lover Ryan O’Neal.

Lott is partners with Farrah in a company called Relentless, which runs her official website and the merchandising that goes along with it. Lott says the site has been getting thousands of letters that are stacking up in plastic boxes at the Relentless post office box in Lubbock, Texas, so he’s having the mail forwarded to Farrah’s home.

Lott, who claims that he his regular access to Farrah has been cut off since Ryan O’Neal moved in around Easter, has also posted Farrah’s home address on the website and asked fans from around the world to send their cards, letters and packages to her very unit.

“All the fans know Farrah’s address,” Lott said this afternoon. “TVLand put the address on the air and on their website when they ran the Chasing Farrah show. A lot of her mail is already going there. You know Ryan O’Neal is already going through it, He’s looking for the letters addresed to him and the ones postmarked Texas, which he knows are from me.

“I just thought, ‘Why not put it all the way up to his neck?’”

O’Neal, his business manager and Farrah’s friend Alana Stewart are being sued by Farrah’s documentary filmmaking partner. Craig Nevius claims the trio unlawfully took control of the cancer documentary project he and Farrah were producing, turning it into a morbid soap opera, assembled with NBC News, called “Farrah’s Story.”

Lott, a Texas businessman, has been in Los Angeles since Easter, holding a vigil of sorts, waiting out his ban on seeing his true love and vowing to remain in town as long as Farrah is alive.

“She’s relentless all right,” he said. “She’s a fighter. I have three friends from the University of Texas football team. They called this weekend to cheer me up, and they said, ‘Don’t you remember, if she was a man she’d have made our team!?’

“I’m telling you man: she’s tough. She’s not ready to go.”


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