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Dick Cheney Fails The Gays

by | 2nd, June 2009

IAN Leslie finds Dick Cheney’s views on gay marriage disappointing and not at all becoming a right-wing hang-’em-by-the-testes nutter:

Dick Cheney has a gay daughter. For this reason he makes an exception to his general rule of sticking to the standard hardcore conservative position on every issue, and declares himself open to the idea of gay marriage (he believes it ought to be decided at the level of states, a position that puts him just to the left of Barack Obama, and it’s not often you get to say that).

Says Leslie:

I find this disappointingly wussy, and not at all becoming of the prince of darkness. I sort of want Cheney to disown his daughter or at least demand she be waterboarded until she admits to fancying men. But no, he goes right ahead and accepts her for who she is.


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