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Susan Boyle: Susan’s Imaginary Friend

by | 3rd, June 2009

susan-boyle-imaginary-friendSUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Susan Boyle in the news – Susan Boyle’s imaginary friend, Simon Cowell calls and Max Clifford promises…

Daily Mirror (front page): “Simon backs Susan”


Mark Jefferies and Maggie Barry learn that Simon Cowell, the man who made Susan Boyle – and who will make from Susan Boyle – wants her to do well.

Simon Cowell has personally called Susan Boyle to tell her: “Whatever you decide, I will support you unconditionally.”

Thanks… dad.

He even offered to RIP UP her tour contract to ease the pressure on her.

I can cancel fame and success, Susan. For you, I can…

Susan has even been talking about recording an album, and Cowell has assured her that everything is in place “when she’s ready”.

Susan, the album is ready. Fame and fortune are ready. But if you like I will turn it off, Susan. Susan…

“They had a long conversation and, hopefully, it made Susan feel a bit better… Simon told her she had done brilliantly and that she was a great singer who was going to record a great album when she was ready. It is just what Susan wanted to hear.”

Simon Cowell is your friend, Susan. Trust in him. Trusssssstt….

“Susan Boyle’s learning disability and imaginary friend” –

Susan Boyle’s admission to a mental hospital following her shock loss in Britain’s Got Talent has raised questions about her suitability to appear on the program.

Trussssssst in Ssssssssimon….

Another report also claims that Boyle has an imaginary friend. Irene Carter, the mother of a member of the act Sugar Free, told local media: “Susan was acting very strangely all week. She is odd and is constantly talking to herself. One time, staff working on the show backstage asked if she was OK and she said she was talking to her friend. She then introduced everyone in the room to this ‘friend’ – who wasn’t actually there.”

Trusssst… Hey, Susan, we’re all friends. We love you Susan. Now, just ssssign here…

Boyle was also reported to have left long messages for her cat pebbles.

Pebbles knows. Trust Pebbles.

Just know this, Susan. Susan. Listen, Susan. Susan, Britain’s Got Talent is good. Simon Cowell is good. Susan, listen Susan. Listen, Susan…

“Holden lays Boyle blame on media”

Amanda Holden has emphatically denied that Britain’s Got Talent exploited contestant Susan Boyle, blaming the press for “stressing her out”.

Amanda is good, Susan…

Appearing on CNN’s Larry King Live, the TV judge said the Scottish singer was upset by “exaggerated stories” and “falsehoods” written about her.

Amanda Holden is cracking America – like you did, Susan…

Look, Susan. Here comes Max Clifford. Max. Clifford. You know Max, Susan.

Max is good Susan. Max is your PR Susan….

Max Clifford, who serves as the publicist of “Britain’s Got Talent” judge Simon Cowell, told Associated Press on Tuesday, June 2, “Provided she’s given a few days and then allowed to be as normal as possible, she should be fine,” adding that “all she wants to do is sing.”


“It shouldn’t be too difficult to get it under control.”

Susan… Listen to the voice, Susan…

“She’s going to have potentially huge album sales, particularly in America. Americans absolutely love her. Everyone wants her on their show singing. That gives her massive potential, and Simon will make sure she has the best songs and the best productions.”

You can RIP UP the contract, Susan… You are in control, Susan…

“Come back out, Susan, we’re not done yet!”

Robert Basler has news:

When something touching and beautiful happens to someone, I want to make sure it doesn’t last long, and that they pay for it by being hounded to the gates of eternal hell until the day they die.

Susan Boyle is among friendssssssssssssss

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