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Andy Murray Knocked Out By Susan Boyle

by | 3rd, June 2009

andy-murray-susan-boyleSUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Susan Boyle in the news – Susan Boyle knocks Andy Murray, MPs expenses and Boris Johnson thinks…

New Boyles Please!

It will not end with a trip to The Priory, but Andy Murray became the latest well-fancied Scottish export to suffer a very public meltdown when the pressure was on.

For Murray, the world No 3, his Susan Boyle moment came at the end of the second set of his French Open quarter-final against Fernando Gonzalez of Chile and continued until the first game of the fourthMartin Samuel, Daily Mail

Claiming Boyle On Expenses

The expenses are like Susan Boyle’s physiognomy, offering people a flash of identification across the gulf between celebrity and nonentitySimon Jenkins, The Guardian

Susan Boyle Knew My Daughter

The daughter was voting furiously for singer Shaun Smith. (Not entirely on artistic grounds, mind you: along with half of the UK’s girl teenagers, she’d suddenly decided she fancied becoming Mrs Smith).

Me, I was voting for Susan Boyle, of course, but with a pang for Aidan Davis, a brilliant young dancer who deserves a shot at playing Billy Elliot…

Let the BNP do their worst in tomorrow’s election; one look down the line-up on Saturday night and you could see just how wrong the party’s leader, Nick Griffin, and his kind are about this tolerant nation of ours – Allison Pearson, Daily Mail

Let’s All Just Move On, OK?

Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has underlined the importance of the duty of care to contestants on reality TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent.

He said: “There is a need to look after people properly, not just in front of the camera but around the intense process” – Sky


Forget greedy MPs, the economy and Susan Boyle. The real crisis is we’ve fallen out of love with strawberries –

Ongoing economic gloom, MPs on the take, Susan Boyle in the Priory… could the news get any worse? Sadly, it just did. Life has got so bad, apparently, that we’ve stopped eating strawberriesWilliam, Sitwell, Daily Mail

Bendy Boyle

He spoke to a Surbiton woman who asked him about Britain’s Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle – Surrey Comet

Susan Boyle – Is she on Big Brother?

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