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Kim Jong-Il Eats Live Fish For His Tea

by | 3rd, June 2009

kim-jong-il-nuclearKIM Il-Jong eats live fish for his tea.

Should there be a nuclear war with north Korea, Anorak can hear the troops singing such a ditty in the trenches.

KIM Jong-Il eats live fish for his tea
He’ll got down in history
Kim Jong-Il eats live fish for his tea
And it makes him feel eel

Alex Peake has more:

CRAZED North Korean leader Kim Jong-il gobbles LIVE FISH as he plots his rogue country’s bid to become a nuclear power.

Sure they’re not for his pet white cat, the one he sits on his lap and strokes?

Pint-sized Kim, 68, washes them down with fine French wines and brandies, even though two million of his subjects have died of starvation.

Well, if they’re dead, it means there are more fine wines and brandies to go round, n’est pas? Shame to let them get corked:

His former chef Kenji Fujimoto said: “He particularly enjoyed raw fish so fresh that he could start eating as its mouth is still gasping and the tail is still thrashing. I sliced the fish so as not to puncture any of the vital organs, so of course it was still moving. Kim Jong-il was delighted. He would eat with gusto.”

Gusto is North Korea own-brand ketchup.

Kenji Fujimoto tells of his leader’s kinky “pleasure parties”, something you can read about in the chef’s new book, I Was Kim Jong-il’s Cook: “Kim Jong-il liked to watch.”

Also titled: Now Wash Your Hands.

Kim Jong Il’s Secret Picture Gallery

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