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Marcus Brigstocke Is Beyond Parody

by | 3rd, June 2009

twatMARCUS Bigstocke is beyond parody. Tim Blair looks at the sit-down eco-comic bragging about his bicycle and his eco-pod before we get to see his solar-powered mobile home.

1. Do not wee in the sink at Marcus’s house. Actually, do
2. Buy lots of metal switches and lots of cables for electronic devices
3. Buy battery-powered toys to make your point
4. Stick a huge plastic trampoline in the garden
5. Park a big mobile home in the road outside your eco-pod

Stand-up comedian and Host of BBC 4’s The Late Edition Marcus Brigstocke has spoken about his festival must-have – a motorhome…

But rather than the usual stipulations of beer, loo roll and sun cream, the comic says the one thing he cannot be without at festivals is now his mobile home.

“My festival essential is my motorhome; it has changed festivals for me for ever,” Mr Brigstock stated.

“We’ve got our own loo, our own shower and it’s eco-friendly. If the weather turns bad, that’s where we’ll be.”

Crank up the sun to 11:

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