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Curry Fights Dementia

by | 3rd, June 2009

edwina_currieTHE wonder of tabloid science tells us that eating a curry once or twice a week “could” help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Or, er, could not.

Professor Murali Doraiswamy, of Duke University in North Carolina, said there was evidence that people who eat a curry meal two or three times a week have a lower risk of dementia.

Those that eat more than two or three curries a week lower the risk of constipation.

Professor Doraiswamy told the meeting:

“There is very solid evidence that curcumin binds to plaques, and basic research on animals engineered to produce human amyloid plaques has shown benefits.”

“You can modify a mouse so that at about 12 months its brain is riddled with plaques.

“If you feed this rat a curcumin-rich diet it dissolves these plaques. The same diet prevented younger mice from forming new plaques.

“The next step is to test curcumin on human amyloid plaque formation using newer brain scans and there are plans for that.”

Can’t surge with the science. He goes on:

“If you have a good diet and take plenty of exercise, eating curry regularly could help prevent dementia.”

So you need to jog to the curry house?

Professor Doraiswamy predicted it might be possible to develop a curry pill which had the same therapeutic effect.

Just add lager…

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