Anorak News | South Korean Babies Trained To Attack The North With Robot Cars

South Korean Babies Trained To Attack The North With Robot Cars

by | 4th, June 2009

bomo-babyWHEN North Korea attacks, South Koreans will strap their children to the Bomo – the world first Robot Baby Carriage – and sent them onto battle.

Says the battle brief:

The smart Bomo which tends the baby at the vicinity of the mother gives pleasure and comfort to the baby, and gives the tired young mother and father a moment of leisurely time to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Or firewater.

When it is switched on to the automatic mode, within the vicinity of the mother, it changes automatically, from the comfortable baby cradle to a robot car, and maneuvers by itself through the room, dodging the furnitures and walls, thus giving the young baby the fun of riding a car, and gives the mother doubled. leisurely time and pleasure [sic].

“Function of manual maneuvering”

The young baby can ride it on the Automatically maneuvering mode, and for the more active older brothers or sisters, it has the function of manual maneuvering mode, which uses the accelerator pedal, and steering wheel like a real car. And even in case when the car is going to bump into an obstacle due to the clumsy driving, it automatically stops and backs up. Thus, it never bumps into the obstacles, both in automatic mode and manual mode.

You have three days to evacuate! Leave your homes! Run!

It has a long battery life of, 3 days (2 hours/day) with 3 hours charging.

It’s the ride of your’s baby short but epoch-making life…

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