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Susan Boyle Sings At Demi Moore’s Wedding

by | 5th, June 2009

demi-susan-boyleSUSAN Boyle is out of The Priory and it’s on with Part III of the plan to see if you can milk a Hairy Angel?

In “SUE MUCH BETTER”, the Mirror’s Mark Jefferies says,


Yesterday, we brought news that Pebbles was on his way to London. He’d reached Highgate Hill and, like Boyle, he had heard the Bells… The Bells!!!

A source close to her said: “Susan was keen to leave and the doctors had no objections. It was entirely her decision and she is feeling a lot more at ease now she has been out of the spotlight.

“She was keen to meet family, friends and especially her cat, Pebbles. Susan is desperate to go home to Scotland. That is where she is believed to have gone.”

Did you get that? A source “close” to Susan Boyle tells the press that Susan Boyle has enjoyed being out of the spotlight and has now gone into hiding, probably back to her home in Scotland.

Failing to add:

“She probably left two hours and eight minutes ago and with one stop for a wee and another for a song she will arrive home at around 3:45. Her driver on car regsttriaon number SUB0 1 can be reached on 07771…”

And More:

Yesterday, BGT boss Simon Cowell, 49, called Susan to see how she was. He even offered her an all-expenses-paid break at his Barbados home, to recuperate.

Out of The Priory and into the fire. With SuBo in the Caribbean, we can get to see a shot of her in her swimmers, and – who knows – maybe even pictures of her drinking, talking to a man and sat on horse with Amy Winehouse.

She might even carry on heading west and find herself singing at Demi Moore’s wedding this September.

Demi is Susan’s No.1 fan. Were it not for surgery, Susan Boyle would be Demi Moore’s double.

Susan Boylethe moral, political, fiscal and spiritual EveryMan…

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