Anorak News | Gordon Brown Renames Omaha Beach “Obama Beach”

Gordon Brown Renames Omaha Beach “Obama Beach”

by | 6th, June 2009

gordon-brown12OBAMA Beach. Not Omaha Beach. Obama Beach Video.

Dear Gordon Brown,

For your own health and well being, go now.

Looking at you is like watching a car crash in slow motion. Everyone else is braced and ready to crash except you. You are sat in the driver’s seat with a rictus grin on your face and your eyes closed in a sing-song.

People open the doors and throw themselves out. And still you sing. Alone in the car save for few tame gonks you command all others to sing. The gonks wobble their heads on the dahboard but make no sound.

The vehicle is inches from the wall. It toe-curlingly awful. We watch through knitted fingers. We’ve seen you naked Gordon. We’ve seen you in bed with your wife. We’ve seen you on the toilet. We’ve caught you flickign though a copy of a porn mag in the sweet shop.

And you’re singing. Singing. Singing.

Can you see the wall?

You are hanging from the precipice, dangling by a rope. Above you is a line of colleagues, each hanging on, trying to pull you up. And you – you are filling your pockets with rocks. You are eating rocks, swallowing them whole.

“Gordoooooooon,” they scream

“Ha-ha,” says Gordon. “Gleny’s is a terrific catch for the go-ahead Labour Party.”


“Did I tell you about the first time I met Alan Sugar, a man of values…”

It is painful to watch. We can’t stand it. But you won’t go away.

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