Anorak News | Iran And North Korea Avert World Cup War

Iran And North Korea Avert World Cup War

by | 6th, June 2009

IRAN 0 – North Korea 0. The FT:

He’ll shoot, he’ll score
He’ll eat your labrador
Kim Jonh Il

Football fans the world over love to tell anyone who will listen that their sport is “not just a game” – it means so much more than that.

You dirty northern bastards…

But the clash between North Korea and Iran in Pyongyang on Saturday could be one of those occasions when the cliché actually proves true. A World Cup qualifier between the two remaining members of George W. Bush’s infamous axis of evil – one fresh from a nuclear test, the other accused by some of wanting to conduct its own – sparks all sorts of international intrigue.

0-0.  No World Cups and no World Wars – doo-dah- doo-dah…

Coming just six days before the football-mad Iranians vote in presidential elections it could also have domestic repercussions.

‘Who told all the lies, who told all the lies?

Some argue that failure to qualify – Iran needs to win its remaining three fixtures over the next 11 days to be guaranteed a place at next year’s World Cup finals in South Africa – could damage the re-election hopes of Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, the president.

‘The wheels on your house go round and round, round and round’

Next up for Mad Ahmadinejad is a home time with the United Arab Emirates and then they’re away to South Korea.

They’re as good as out. And so is AhMADinejad…

Take it away, lads:

“I’m forever launching missiles,
Pretty missiles in the air,
They fly so high,
Nearly reach the sky,
Like West West Ham they fade and die!

You’ll ne-ver start a war.. You’ll neeever start…

Marching on to nowhere…

The best chants

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