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Kirsti Allsop Sticks It Up Channel 4

by | 8th, June 2009

kirsti-allsop-on-channel-4PERIOD featured telly property show presenter Kirstie Allsop has discovered Twitter and hopes that it will keep her career alive during the housing slump.

As Anorak has long said – you know the housing market is shafted when Allsop’s Location Location Location dies; you know TV is shafted when it carries on regardless.

Twitters Allsop:

“Just been told I can’t say ‘for god’s sake!’ or ‘Christ almighty’ on TV (& it’s channel 4!!). I am so sick of compliance I could scream! Aah!”

That’s not an unfair point. In the Times, Michael Gove, the hardworking Tory MP who finds time to hack it for the Times, says in “For God’s sake! Give Kirstie a break”:

Coming from the station that gave us Something for the Weekend, in which children had to guess their parents’ sex secrets, Embarrassing Bodies, of which the less said the better, and an Alternative Christmas Message from the world’s most prestigious Holocaust denier, it might seem a little odd to come over all bashful now.

Fair point. When it’s left to an MP – and this MP – to lecture Channel 4 on hypocrisy, things truly are f****d up…

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