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Barack Obama Is A Living God

by | 8th, June 2009

obama-godELAINE GANLEY and Jenny Barchfield are Associated Press writers watching President Barack Obama descend in mighty white light in the City of Light.

Obama and “wife Michelle and their two daughters touched lives in simple ways” during a private stay in the French capital… The French are confirmed fans of the Obamas… Michelle Obama…gets an A-plus for sartorial glamor, natural poise and sheer intelligence.”

But the common touch the first American couple represents, so antithetical to the traditional pomp and circumstance of French heads of state, sets them apart.

When dining out Saturday night at a no-star bistro, La Fontaine de Mars, the presidential party was served water, Coke and table wine to accompany foie gras, lamb and steak with shallots, and paid for meals “like any client,” said owner Jacques Boudon. “It’s just what they wanted.”

Le patron:

I saw God before me,” he said.

The locals are converted:

But it was the few brief minutes that Obama spent with 61-year-old Gerard Daldoss and other drivers in the presidential motorcade that mattered.

Before climbing into his limousine in the Pompidou Center’s underground parking garage, Obama shook the men’s hands, then posed for a group photo.

“It’s fantastic. What a beautiful souvenir!” exclaimed a beaming Daldoss.

He said he has worked in motorcades for Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush without ever getting such hands-on gratitude.

“The others were nice but not more than that,” Daldoss said. “I retire in a few months. This is a magnificent mission.

Mission accomplished. Assume the position…

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