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Randy Rhino Mates With Austrian Robin

by | 9th, June 2009

rhino_carIN “Horny rhino Jango falls in love with a car dumped in enclosure as sculpture exhibit”, a rhinoceros called Jango is seen mounting a car.

Anorak is dismayed. In our time working for the tabloids, “horny” would have never been accepted. The headline would have trilled:

Randy Rhino Rides Robin (Reliant).”

But the Daily Mirror lost its way some while back, and horny rhino exists as amatter of public record.

As for the story:

Zoo bosses put the motor in his enclosure as a way of raising awareness about pollution’s impact on animals in the wild but smitten Jango took a shine to the old banger and now treats it like a mate.

Zoo visitor David Rogers said: “He was in the pond for an hour and he kept giving the car affectionate nibbles. Then he tried to climb on it from the back and front. Every now and again he would climb out of the water and gallop round his cage for 10 minutes before jumping back in the water. It was like he was trying to show off.

Or going insane:

“He also kept trying to push the car out of the water but it’s pretty firmly fixed in place,” he added.

Am-a-zing! You put a huge red metal object in an animal’s pen to make a point about the effect of cars on wild animals and the tamed creature shows an interest in it, and then tries to get it out of its water. Who says the zoo is a dumb show?

The car wreck is part of a project at Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria, to reveal the grim conditions animals face in the wild. Zoo bosses asked artists to give visitors a taste of what life is like outside the enclosure gates for the ‘Trouble In Paradise’ exhibition.

Even better. Artists are now showing the incarcerated animals what the world beyond the bars looks like. Look – cars that go fast! Look – planes than can make you fly! Look – a fridge to keep you cool! Look – an artist looking for somewhere to dump his old shit!

Other examples include a railway line running across the bison enclosure and a filthy oil pump in the penguin pen. They also dumped a rusty bath in the crocodile enclosure and huge oil drums in the aquariums.

There! That hold make the prisoners feel right at home…

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