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Mel B’s Scary Sex Life

by | 9th, June 2009

mel-b-sexIN Grazia, there’s Mel B again, telling everyone, “I HAVE SEX FIVE TIMES EVERY DAY.”

Anorak readers have already seen Mel’s views in sex in Groser magazine, where Mel says that for women not getting satisfaction she advises a Pocket Rocket vibrator, which works for her.

Why Mel B wants to tell everyone about her sex life and masturbation is an oddity, given that she is so utterly sexless, a composite blend of scariness, muscles and chest bags.

Inside, the magazine, Mel is stood in a bikini with her husband Stephen Belafonte, a Ross Kemp meets John Belushi hybrid of chubby muscle, what Old Mrs Anorak calls “mubby”.

Mel then bangs on about squats, lunges and cardio, which turn out to by her gym workout and not her take on the Karma Sutra. You can imagine Mel working her keep fit regime into her sex life, jogging for a minute on the spot before pulling Stephen’s medicine ball sized head to and fro.

Mel does 600 sit ups every other day…

“changing position every 10 sit ups for the first 100, then doing a plank for 100 breaths, which is the equivalent of 200.”

Mel counts her breaths. Mel has enough time in her life to count her breaths. That panting you hear, Stephen, is still more training.

For breakfasts Mel, who is mega busy with three kids and counting her breathing, has a breakfast of “egg whites, turkey and wheat toast.”

Lunch is “spinach and chicken salad, onion, peppers, cucumber, tomato… and dinner will be chicken or fish with really nice healthy gray and steamed vegetables or brown rice.”

Says Mel:

“I’m honestly not body-obsessed. I can’t be with three kids and a husband. I don’t have time…”


“I don’t even have a nanny!”


But what about the pudding? Yeah, him…

It’s sexercise,” says Mel.

But Mel says her husband “doesn’t work out”.

And we are back to the Pocket Rocket, which comes in range of weights…

Mel B’s Scary Sex Tips For Unfulfilled Women

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