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Cheryl Cole And Ashley’s Home Secrets Revealed

by | 10th, June 2009

coles3CHERYL Cole and her vomitous husband Ashley Cole want to share their “HOME SECRETS” with OK! readers and tell you about their “PREGNANCY FEARS”.

We sit in bed with a DVD and a takeaway then go out,” says Cheryl, explaining how Ashley manages to keep the juices flowing of an evening.

When she’s not watching the telly, Cheryl is telling Ashley how to do his hair:

“Because he’s black, it’s not easy for him to change his hair. He can only grow a flat top or shave one side.”

Indeed, just get a load of Ziggy Marley or Oprah Winfrey or her.

When she’s not in bed and wodnering what to do with Ashley’s head, Cheryl is away and Ashley “phones and texts her all the time” and sends flowers.

These are the home secretzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And before long even Cheryl seems bored with the shockers and moves on to the fact that it’s three years since Ashley dressed as the tin man and he and she tried the knot.

OK! remembers the day with those white horses tugging the white carriage, the fillet steak and grilled mushrooms, and the chairs decorated with angel wings.

Cheryl says the proposal was “very romantic”, an apparent anathema to the Dubai setting, that enclave of fascists, ex-pats, sex-starved labourers, sand and cement.

Cheryl says Ashley was very nervous at the time. And we wonder if he felt a bit, well, queasy..?

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