Anorak News | Woman Throws Away $1m Hidden In Mattress

Woman Throws Away $1m Hidden In Mattress

by | 10th, June 2009

mattressmoneyTO Tel Aviv, where Anat is scouring Israeli rubbish dumps for an old mattress, thrown out with $1m (£700,000) hidden inside.

Anat tossed the mattress away when she bought her mum a new one as  a surprise.

But when the older woman returned home she “almost fainted”, as she had hidden her entire life savings inside.

Mum came home and nearly fainted. Anat raced to the dump. But the mattress had been sent on to one of two larger landfill sites.

Say Anat:

“People have to take everything in proportion and thank God for the good and the bad.”

Mum says nothing.


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