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Jade Goody’s Jack Tweed Returns From Africa

by | 10th, June 2009

jade-goody-queen-of-diamondsIT’S Jack Tweed, Mr Jade Goody’s, “first and only interview” in OK!, which discounting the interviews he held with Jade Goody is factually bang on.

Before the interview, OK! readers see pictures of Jack tying a big silver balloon to Jade’s grave, and then attaching it to the headstone. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” says the message. OK! says “tears welled” in his eyes and he left a personal note, which OK! readers get to share in.

Then we’re with Jack. Jack wears a top by Paul Smith and “his own jeans”.
“Jack is all alone,” says OK!, and we look beyond the camera crew and the hacks and the stylists to see Jack leaning on a wooden pole in Kent.

Jack was not alone in prison, however, and tells us that he was the only prisoner who showered with all his clothes off – “Everyone else wore paints or shorts.” Whose pants and where you can the shorts OK! omits to tell us.

Says OK!:

“Surely that’s a red rag to bull?”

And by some kind of magic Jack makes sense of the question and says, “Well, it’s dirty.”

Jack then says that Freddy, Jade Goody’s son, asked him if he was now “back from Africa”, which had Jade thought of that nickname for prison would have been seized upon by the liberal media as evidence of racism.

Jacks then says he now cycles from his mum’s house to Jade’s grave – “I am training for the marathon”. Someone should have a word with Jack and tell him that taking a bike to the London Marathon is frowned upon.

Jack then talks about his sex life, a film he appears in, name checks Boy George and creates athe impression that he looking to pick up Jade’s celebrity baton?

“Well, I d like to get into presenting,” says Jack. “I know I don’t speak much… I’m quiet but I’m getting there.”

Look out for Jack presenting “Celebrity Solitary Confinement” on the telly soon…

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