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Gordon Ramsay’s Mum Says She Never Called Him

by | 11th, June 2009

gordon-ramsay-pigIN the Mail, you can read, “How Gordon Ramsay’s ‘disgusted’ mother made him apologise for ‘pig’ insults to Australian TV girl.”

Speaking to Australian media, he admitted he had received a heated ‘please explain’ phone call from his mother, still in the UK.

‘She was disgusted and she wanted to know what actually happened,’ Ramsay told the Herald Sun.

When your mum rings you and starts giving you a bollocking down the telephone then of course you start to get the picture.’

Or as mummy puts it:

I haven’t spoken to Gordon since the weekend,” she told News Ltd.

He calls me every Saturday for a chat. But I certainly didn’t tell him off about what he did in Australia.”

Gordon Ramsay telling porky workies?

Ramsay’s alleged “lesbian” comment had opened the door to rumours about his own sexuality, sparked by a toilet arrest in 1993.

Ramsay was arrested with two other male chefs in a public toilet at London’s Green Park tube station in March 1993 and cautioned for gross indecency.

“We were drunk, very silly and all of us were messing around in the toilet,” Ramsay said today.

“We were taken in by the police, we all got our knuckles rapped but its nothing to do with homosexuality.”

Gordon Ramsay Victimised As Australia Discovers Manners

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