Anorak News | Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno Rips The Austrians, And Other Nazis

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno Rips The Austrians, And Other Nazis

by | 12th, June 2009

gay-hitlerSACHA Baron Cohen gets it. Don’t go to the level of the fascists to attack the fascsits – mock them. Make them look ridiculous. It can’t be too hard.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film is about a gay fashion groupie who wants to be “the most famous Austrian since Hitler”.

Austria For Green Shirts, Black Shirts And Brown Shirts

“I want to live the Austrian dream of finding a partner, buying a dungeon and starting a family.”

“K is for ‘Kampf, mein… ze fashion bible written by Austria’s black sheep Adolf Hitler.”

As Kamp as him, Austria’s Diana.

In Austria, a hack for People Today, at, Lisa Trompisch, calls Baron Cohen a “dull sub-culture clown”.

Like Hitler – “The Charlie Chaplin of leaders.”

Note: When the Large Hadron Collider swallows up Switzerland, Austria will be the “New Switzerland“. It has dreams. It understands the political process.

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