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Susan Boyle Records Album Of Hymns

by | 12th, June 2009

susan-boyle-albumSUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Susan Boyle in the news.

Having achieved fame and billed as the moral, spiritual and fiscal salve to the world’s ills, Susan Boyle has left the Celebrity Conditioning Centre at The Priory and is now staying at a secure unit hired for her by SyCo industries. Now read on…

Sky News:

Susan Boyle is at the centre of another cliffhanger – over whether she will join the Britain’s Got Talent live tour. A spokeswoman for the show said it still had not been confirmed whether the 48-year-old singer will perform at tonight’s first gig at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena.

Never mind, fans, you can still catch the chubby dancer and his chubbier son, the weeping child, the other weeping child and the backing dancers.

There have been various reports saying Boyle has not been showing up for rehearsals.

The Scotsman: BRITAIN’S Got Talent star Susan Boyle was at the centre of another cliffhanger last night – over whether she would join a UK tour of the show.

Look out Cliff! [Insert Cliff Richard audio here.]


Poor Susan Boyle… In just a few weeks, she went from being an unknown, unemployed homebody to a besieged, troubled Superstar and then to an insane asylum. She was a Lazy Susan. Now she’s a Crazy Susan…

The Sun: “UK is stable but still in serious condition”

Steve Hawkes:

The director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) claimed the recession that has blighted the country for months may already be over.

It’s a sign of how far we’ve come that he wasn’t handed a straitjacket and packed off to fill Susan Boyle’s empty room at The Priory.

The Sun: “SuBo on track for a cracker of album”

SINGING sensation Susan Boyle has started work on her debut album — and will try to rush it out for Christmas.

A collection of hymns for out time…

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