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Pictures Of Paris Hilton’s Date With Cristiano Ronaldo

by | 12th, June 2009

paris-hilton-ronaldoHOW does Cristiano Ronaldo celebrate being worth £80m. Why, by jetting to Los Angeles and snuggling up with Paris Hilton.

Indeed, dear reader, you head to LA after when you’re done at Real Madrid not when you’re about to start.

The Sun’s Pete Samson says:

RONALDO celebrates his £80million transfer by sharing a raunchy night with PARIS HILTON.

For Manchester United footballers “raunchy” means a few slappers and a gang bang, allegedly. But for an ex-player raunchy means sitting on a banquet at a club being whispered to by a socialite strumpet. Sober times ahead for Ronaldo.

The winking winger, 24, kissed and cuddled the 28- year-old socialite in a Hollywood club before they headed to her sister’s home.

If a kiss and a cuddle led to more sexual happenings, the football field would be an orgy of homoerotic lust. A kiss and a cuddle with Paris Hilton is an introduction, the equivalent of exchanging pennants, not juices.

But Pete Samson has an active imagination:

The scoring machine and Paris got down and dirty as they teamed up to celebrate the soccer ace’s £80million transfer. A clubber who witnessed their frolicking said: “They were sucking each other’s faces off like their plane was going down. At one point Ronaldo had a bottle between his legs and Paris was stroking it. It was very racy.”

Faced with certain death, would you get off with Paris Hilton or just scream your face off? Tumbling through the air would you grab onto a collection of sticks or something more stable?

Old Anorak’s son Tarquinnius tells us:

The 10,000 square foot nightclub features a second story “master bedroom,” replete with a bed, and the patio boasts an honest-to-god hot tub.

But things were so raunchy that Ronaldo and Paris sat full clothed on a sofa by a sticky table.

Says Paris Hilton to a “pal”:

“He’s hot, a real athlete – and the chemistry between us was electric.”

Like two minuses being rubbed together – i.e. repellent…

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