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Turn Your Dead Pet Into A Pillow Or Cushion

by | 12th, June 2009

dog-pillowsWITH Soft-Hearted pillows, Pati Moore invites you to turn you pet’s remains into a comfy pillow to snuggle up with, rest your feet on or just kick about the lounge.

Pati has a question about her pet:

“What is the best way to commemorate her and how can I continue to keep her near?”

A fob?

“The Soft-Hearted Pillow is, in its simplest terms, an Urn Alternative.”

An Urn-ternative.

Until now, pet owners had a singular choice for preserving cremated remains; a solid, stationary urn to be positioned on a shelf, forever still. Now comes a supple, huggable pillow that captures the love and tenderness that pet owners feel for their pets in a secure yet soft, embraceable, warm alternative.

What could be nicer? Fidget is dead. So what do I do now:

Each Soft-Hearted Pillow comes with its own matching drawstring pouch with a satin ribbon. When you receive your pet’s ashes from the crematorium, they will be sealed within a plastic bag inside a tin or cardboard box. Remove the sealed plastic bag from the box and place it inside the drawstring Soft-Hearted Pouch that is included with your Soft-Hearted Pillow. The Soft-Hearted Pouch can then be tucked into the comforting, discreet, zippered pocket within your Soft-Hearted Pillow. Many pet owners find that they do not want to transfer the ashes themselves and chose to have a close friend, family member or even the veterinarian perform the transfer for them*.

*Friend, vet and significant other not supplied.

How do I know that my pet’s ashes will fit into the Soft-Hearted Pillow?

When a pet is cremated, one can expect the volume of ashes to be approximately 1 cubic inch (1”x1”x1”) per pound of body weight and for the total weight to be from 3 to 5 percent of the animal’s body weight. We have successfully accommodated the ashes of pets up to 150 pounds of body weight. Many pet owners have also chosen to only place a portion of a larger pet’s ashes within the Soft-Hearted Pouch to minimize the weight of the Soft-Hearted Pillow and because it is a fine option for those who wish to “share” the ashes between family members or locations.

Everyone gets a leg.

Will I be able to “feel” my pet’s ashes?

The Soft-Hearted Pillow is filled with the finest available fiberfill and the ashes are tucked deeply within the interior of the pillow. Whether or not the ashes can be felt is dependent upon the volume of ashes within the pouch but the only sensation felt is of a firm “center” or “heart” of the pillow. This becomes barely discernable with pets that are under 10 pounds.

Take care with that over-plumping, pet pals.

Why not use the fur as well? you can!

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