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Indiana Moves To Ban Smoking Lettuce

by | 13th, June 2009

INDIANA Congressman Steve Buyer says smoking lettuce is just like smoking cigarettes or cigars or broccoli or…

An idiot, right? Iceberg is a gateway drug:

When cut, the stems of lettuce plants ooze a milky juice whose appearance, taste, and smell are said to be similar to opium. Once dried, the substance is called lactucarium, or lettuce opium. Used by the ancient Egyptians, the stuff was listed in the Pharmacopeia of the United States of America as late as 1916. It can still be found in herbals and such, which describe it as a sedative and cough suppressant. Lettuce opium can be found in all lettuce species but is most commonly extracted from wild lettuce, Lactuca virosa.

Elsewhere in Indiana:

Hoosier smokers may notice their cigarettes burning a bit differently next month.

That’s because starting July 1, a new law will require that all cigarettes sold in Indiana be “fire safe.”

Unlike traditional cigarettes, the new fire-safe smokes will burn out more quickly when left unattended and are designed to cut down on the number of smoking-related fires.

“The cigarettes are made from the same blend of tobacco as regular cigarettes,” said Indiana State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson. “The only difference to the consumer is they need to puff it more often or relight it.”

Indeed. You need to inhale more, and pull harder, to get your safety fag glowing.

Jess Brewer of Lafayette recently traveled to Kentucky, where the new law was implemented in April 2008. She said her first encounter with the fire-safe smokes was not good.

“Since coming back from Kentucky about a week ago, I’ve been coughing constantly and having chest pains because you have to inhale harder on the new cigarettes,” she said. The new design forces a smoker to inhale to get the flame through two strips of paper incorporated into the cigarette. If left unattended, the cigarette will go out.

“I’m totally against the change,” Brewer said. “What’s the point of making safer cigarettes if they lead to negative health effects?”

Best to stick with the salad…

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