Anorak News | Cristiano Ronaldo Dumps Paris Hilton

Cristiano Ronaldo Dumps Paris Hilton

by | 14th, June 2009

paris-hiltonGIVEN what we have read of Paris Hilton having a drink with Cristiano Ronaldo – a “fling“; “kissing” and “stroking” his beer bottle” – the marriage of the century, Hello! photoshoot and miracle childrenwere sure things.

The press were as excited as an adolsecent boy working out the combination to his big brother’s secret breifcase.

Their love would endure eons.

But then:

MONEYBAGS Cristiano Ronaldo was spreading his bets last night, holed up in a Las Vegas hotel penthouse with two pretty girls . . . and neither was Paris Hilton.

Indeed, “neither “pretty girl was Paris Hilton. Tautology 1 – Hilton Rovers 0.

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