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CCTV Stops Couple Having Sex

by | 14th, June 2009

cctvIN Northampton, a CCTV operative is commanding a couple to stop having sex.

The couple should not stop having sex permanently – the Minister of Procreation will decide on that. No, they should stop having sex by the CCTV camera. The CCTV operatives do not like it much.

Northampton Borough Council has talking cameras trained in three town centre streets.

The voice of authority is pre-recorded, and triggered at the push of a button. Anorak has heard the voice and can reveal that it sounds like the noise Ann Widdecombe would make were she confronted by a naked hippy using her best counterpane to buff his unmentionables.

Says Andrew Simpson, the man at Northampton Borough Councillor responsible for CCTV:

“I certainly wasn’t expecting them to pick up that kind of thing. Clearly, I would imagine these people must have had too much to drink and had fairly low inhibitions.”

“Clearly I would imagine…” Such is the clear thinking at council HQ.

And as for low inhibitions – well, what does that say about the drone spying on them?

CCTV To Predict Thought Crime

Image: Bansky

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