Anorak News | Pigeons And The Fame Hungry Clamber Up Trafalgar’s Fourth Plinth

Pigeons And The Fame Hungry Clamber Up Trafalgar’s Fourth Plinth

by | 14th, June 2009

fourth_plinthFROM 13,000 applicants, 615 people have been randomly selected top spend an hour of their lives as living statues on a plinth in Trafalgar Square.

One and Other by artist Anthony Gormley.

Says Heather Pringle, a student from Hexham, Northumberland, spending a portion of her 20th birthday on the plinth:

“I plan to celebrate in style, a good old fashioned birthday party. There will be cake.”

Etch that on the stone and be done with it.

Of coruse, not everyone will just stand on the fourth plinth and take in the view. Some have a cause – like aquatic scientist Oliver Parsons-Baker, 26, from Birmingham, who wants to highlight the importance of clean water.

A Mr Rosenberg intends to use a folding pink bicycle to generate electricity to light up his suit.

Antony Gormley calls the art “a cross between reality television and Speaker’s Corner…

“It is about inviting citizens to enter the space of art and become creative partners because the 21st century is the century of the global citizen. The world is a stage and all the people must be invited to walk on it. Some may choose to remain silent; others will declaim.”

It’s about an hour of dame. And a head for heights – the statues will climb a 12ft ladder to reach the 16ft by 8ft platform.

The pigeons that decorate Nelson and the other inhabitants of the square are thought to be excited. None of the statues are belived to be Drench…

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