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Big Brother Lisa’s Anorexic Hissy Fit

by | 15th, June 2009

noirin-kelly-faceSIGNS of life in the Big Brother house, where I’m Noirin has gone on hunger strike and Lisa Wallace is competing with Marcus Saxondale to be the most offended.

For those of you unaware, Noirin’s face has been used as a blank canvas. Those glass and moustache are not her own and she must wear her inky mask until told to wash it off.

Now I’m Noirin says she will give up food unless she can remove the “glasses” and “moustache”.

Says Lisa, who knows about, well, everything. Lisa knows more about you than you know about yourself. So knowing is Lisa, that she knows what every one else is thinking all of the time, especially in those many times when they’re listening to her.

Says Noirin:

“I’ve seen anorexics. I don’t want to see my friend not eating.”

Cue Marcus, who helped Noirin by drawing glasses and a moustache on his own face in solidarity. Given that Marcus’s face is covered in two fanned-out armies of pubic hair, a moustache and glasses can only help the look.

Cue Freddie to say that to show his support he would be wearing mostly a towel. Lisa then called Noirin “pathetic” and Freddie a “d***head”.

Cue a row. Marcus calls Lisa a bully. Lisa has a hissy fit and takes offence. Marcus is more offended than Lisa. But so offended is Lisa that she vows never to speak with Marcus nor Freddie ever again, not ever.

Which leaves two housemates with their mouths jammed shut. And the rest without a script…

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