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Cristiano Ronaldo Sips His Cocktail

by | 15th, June 2009

cristiano-ronaldoSO reduced in potency is the Premier League that Cristiano Ronaldo continues to be the lead off-season player.

The Portuguese footballer who plays for Real Madrid is all over the Sun like pair of Speedos on a middle-aged Italian lifeguard.

Today, the Sun spots Ronaldo enjoying “a weekend on the lash in Las Vegas with a bevy of beauties”.

Having observed Ronaldo for the past few seasons, the idea of him going on the lash seems fanciful. There is less chance of you seeing a pissed up Ronaldo with a police cone on his head, running about the beach than there is of him sharing him giving you his last spot of Touch Eclat. But the Sun says he’s on the lash. So here he is:

The footballer sipped cocktails at the gambling mecca’s top nightclubs – and had his pick of the mini-skirted babes.

Sipped cocktails. That’s the Ronaldo we have come to know. It;s lmsot a chant for oppsing dans:

Ronaldo sips his cocktails
Ronaldo sips his cocktails
And wears a bra

He was spotted dancing in a VIP booth.

No conga down the main drag in his pants. Fro Ronaldo, it’s a private dancer in a private booth. If you want to see him dance for you, it’ll cost you a bottle of champers or £80m and a promise not to touch.

Earlier in the day, the Portugal star relaxed by his hotel pool – enjoying a full massage – from a MAN.

Of course, the other narrative about Ronaldo is his sexuality. But, still, some shock to sun readers to see a football being rubbed down by a man, and “enjoying it”. For such reasons all football clubs retain female physios dressed in nothing but knickers and bra, applying the magic sponge with a wink and a, “Where’s it hurt, big boy?”

Meanwhile, back in British football, Wayne Rooney is breeding…

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