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Pictures Of Students Drunk In Bikinis

by | 15th, June 2009

drunk-student-bikiniTHE Mail manages to unite three of its passion by combining suicide, binge drinking and pictures of young, firm female flesh in one story. And that story is:

Out for the count: Cambridge students celebrate ‘Suicide Sunday’ with binge drinking and all-women jelly wrestling

The Mail is disgusted and foaming with rage and outrage as “Cambridge students celebrate ‘Suicide Sunday’ with binge drinking and all-women jelly wrestling”.

You want to see the pictures? Well, there are lots of these dirty pictures. Look! Look! Look! Disgusting! These women should be put over a Mail reader’s quaking knees and smacked on their bare backsides.

One female student had to be helped by a friend after she appeared to collapse unconscious at the side of a road outside Magdalene College’s ‘Gentlemen’s Wyverns’ event.

There she is lying face down on the grass. Anything could happen to her. A photographer could take pictures of her and sell them to a family newspaper. It’s that sick!

…the end-of-exams celebration followed the same format with a blazers and bikini theme, riotous drinking games and plenty of vomiting.

Bikinis? Yes. Hence the vomiting.

“The way the students were behaving was absolutely disgusting,” said one passer-by. “It was only midday on Sunday and there were lots of families and young people around enjoying the sunshine.”

For those decent people who managed to avoid it the Mail is on hand to broadcast the pictures to you.

A well-developed girl in a tight green top sways on her feet. Another girl in a short black shirt lies on a grass verge.

Old Mr Anorak demands that the negatives been added to his collection, for research purposes…

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