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Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Do The Apprentice

by | 16th, June 2009

walshAMERICA has Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It even has a spare Jennifer Aniston. In the UK, we have Philip Taylor and Kate Walsh, the wannabe and the might-be who endured weeks on The Apprentice auditioning for a media career.

In Grazia, readers can see Phil taking a break from staring at himself reflected in Kate’s teeth to tell us that he has left the north-east to move in with Kate in London flat.

Says Phil:

“There’s more to me than people think, I’m pretty good looking, I’m smart and I’ve go something about me.”

You imagine these are words Phil tells himself as she gazes lovingly into the mirror of a day, sat on his Philip Taylor duvet cover.

For reasons unexplained, Phil then pretends to be Robert Palmer in Addicted To Love mode, stood before a bevy of blank-eyed Kates; then they’re doing the Pulp Fiction dance, before Kate pretends to be a Pretty Woman prostitute – not yet an Apprentice challenge – and Phil slouches and digs his hands deep into his pockets as if looking for spare change and a mirror.

Over in heat, Kate and Phil are in bed. She is on top of the covers dressed in black referee shorts (C. 1978) and a white school shirt; he lies in bed with one armed cocked behind his head and a smug look on his face that says, “I am in bed with me – no room for you.

Three more pictures follow of Phil in bed with Phil, and readers see him rolling over as if trying to prevent Kate from getting in. Phil gets jealous when other looks at Phil. Phil is possessive of Phil.

Says Kate:

“The other day I said, ‘Can you put some Vaseline on my lips?’ and he deliberately missed and put it on my nose, so for the next hour that was it – play fight.”

And back in Grazia, Phil is dressed as Danny from Grease and Kate is Sandy, and we are wondering if Kate and Phil have a future together and is Phil is mouthing “You’re The One That I Want” as he stares into those teeth…

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