Anorak News | Tattooist Inks 56 Stars On Girl’s Sleeping Face

Tattooist Inks 56 Stars On Girl’s Sleeping Face

by | 17th, June 2009

star-faceKIMBERLEY Vlaeminck, age 18, from Kortrijk is at the tattoo parlour in Belgium. She wants three stars on her face. Says she:

“I had asked fior three sparklers, but that crazy person put 56 on my face! See me sitting here now: I am ugly. Even mutilated!”

Problems began when the tattooist spoke only in French. Kimberley speaks Dutch and a little English.

Kimberly thinks she must have dozed off as her face was being injected with ink contained in a huge vibrating needle held by a foreigner.

Kimberly called the police and lodged her lament.

Kimberly should not worry. On a clear night you can see the moon in her eyes and Anorak’s in-house astrologer face says, “The time is right for love and adventure and Mercury’s influence means predicts you seeing stars for years to come…”

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