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Bald Mourner Thrown Out Of Church For Looking Like BNP Member

by | 16th, June 2009

skinheadAT Lancashire Cathedral, a mourner is being ejected “for looking like BNP member”.

Phylllip Cadwallader wants to light a candle in memory of his mum. That’s him with the shaven head.

Says Mr Cadwallader:

“I am starting to go bald so I have my hair cut short to hide that, not because of my political persuasion.”

How many others have joined the ranks of the BNP for similar reasons? Cromwell’s Roundheads were a deliberate ploy to attract the key balding demographic. And what is Buddha but not light and life to those who can’t manage Jesus’s flowing locks nor Mohammed’s finger-permed mullet (see cartoons).

Mr Cadwallader is dressed in a shirt, pants and brogues. He is told to sit down and remains quiet. By coincidence, BBC Radio 4 is conducting a live programme on concentration camp victim Anne Frank from inside the cathedral. Moments later he is ordered to leave.

Police arrive and says they are responding to reports of a BNP member trying to cause trouble.

Says he:

I was really angry and embarrassed by the whole experience. The officers told me that someone had thought I was from the BNP because I was tall and have short hair, like a skinhead.”

“When I woke up in the morning and the sun was shining I thought it was such a lovely day that I would go and pay a tribute to my mum before I went running. The choir was singing in the background and it was lovely as I lit my candle.

“Then the Dean came and asked me to leave, but he wouldn’t tell me why.

“As I was sat on a bench outside wait-ing for them to finish the radio programme a police officer came up to me and said she would need to check my bag. When they told me why I just couldn’t believe it. I am not a BNP member. I was quite disgusted by it all.”

Time to grow a moustache…

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