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Peter And Billy Getty Will Now Blog For You

by | 16th, June 2009

getty-brosIN the San Franciso Chronicle, readers can read the blogs of two of the Getty boys. Peter and Billy Getty are “amateur sociologists”.

They are professionally rich, and from high on the social ladder they scatter pearls of wisdom like God’s dandruff over the poor and huddled masses.

The big shock is that not so much they they are taking tiem out form amateur socialising to share their bon mots with the unwashed but that they don’t already own a paper and write its editorial leader:

This is them.

Peter Getty

Since graduating from college in 1988, Peter Getty has flirted occasionally with real work, but finding it wearisome, has returned full time to his first love, watching television.

Not to be confused with serious responsibilities are Mr. Getty’s infrequent forays into music and writing, nor is the obscure music blog he has kept pseudonymously for the past several years.

Billy Getty

I attended several impressive academic institutions, despite my mediocre scholastic record. I am sure that my privileged status must have displaced some genius from his/her due. Sorry, it wasn’t my call at the time.

Subsequently, my ancestral recognition in the community allowed me to co-found a number of respected businesses, sit on many prominent boards and even serve the public on the SF Recreation and Parks Commission. For this I am honored, ashamed and, confused.

More recently, I married the woman of my dreams, rejoiced in the birth of our three wonderful children and, developed a sense of responsibility and perspective.

I have since founded a real estate development company (good timing) and begun to lead a much more meaningful life.

They are hateful and pathetic , but self-aware – which makes them more hateful still…

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