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Britain’s Got Talent’s Britney Spears’ Benefits Stopped

by | 16th, June 2009

fred-bowersTHE Celebrity Police Force tuned into Britain’s Got Talent, when Leicestershire’s 73-year-old break-dancer Fred Bowers took to the stage.

Fred Bowers did a roly-poly and step back and forward like aman unsure what do to next. He was sensation. He was also claiming benefits for a leg injury. But now that payment has been suspended while the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) investigates.

Says Mr Bowers, from Loughborough:

“I’m going to struggle on. They’re not going to stop me from dancing.”

No, Fred. Now you need to dance more than ever. Dance. Dance. Drop a penny in the tin. And dance! Says a DWP wonk:

“We do investigate and take seriously all accusations of fraudulent claims.”

Says Bowers:

“I’ve still got an actual disability and I can’t walk very far but I can still dance. I use my head and back more while I’m dancing. I’m a comedian while I am up on stage, it makes people laugh. I just want to make people happy.”

No, not Britney Spears, Fred Bowers. Stay with it… You too Fred.

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