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America’s Madeleine McCann Turns Up Alive

by | 17th, June 2009

boy-in-the-boxMADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news – America’s “Our Maddie” is James Bone Damman, and more jokes…

Daily Record: Exclusive: Chef sacked over claims he told sick Madeleine jokes to diners

Janice Burns has news that Madeleine McCann IS relevant. You know you’re no longer newsworthy when… no-one makes a joke about you.

A CHEF was sacked after shocking diners with a string of sick and racist jokes, his bosses claimed yesterday.

Chef Ramsay?

Pole Lukasz Rzepka, 26, dropped his £3000 unfair dismissal claim yesterday after agreeing a settlement understood to be worth a few hundred pounds at the last minute. He insisted he had not made the jokes alleged about kidnapped youngster Madeleine McCann, the Pope and Muslims.

Our Maddie, the Pope and Muslims. Tsk! So, er, what was the joke, for research purposes, you understand..?

Islay Fraser, 37, who owns the restaurant in Thistle Street in Edinburgh city centre, said she agreed to a payoff to avoid the cost of a tribunal. She added: “I sacked him because he was a disgusting employee whose behaviour was totally unacceptable. He made racist jokes about Islamic people and sick jokes about Madeleine McCann and the Pope. I had to give him a payoff because I couldn’t face going through two or three days of a tribunal and to save the taxpayers a fortune in interpreter.”

Says the chef said:

“These claims that I told sick jokes are total bull****. They are the ones who are racist. I didn’t do or say any of those things.”

But an insider said: “He was spouting offensive, racist, crude and downright sick jokes in the kitchen which were heard by diners.”

Video – NSFW:

Times: America’s Our Maddie – James Bone Damman

Michigan man says he is the boy who vanished in New York 55 years ago Gerry Damman and his wife Jean Damman with daughter Pauline…

The infamous child abduction was the Madeleine McCann case of its day. Steven Damman, a toddler left outside a shop on Long Island for ten minutes by his mother, vanished without trace.

Isn’t Our Maddie the James Bone Damman case of its day? And what about: Madeleine Mcann: Kidnapped American Girl Found In Morocco? Or Caylee Anthony And the ignored black children?

Fifty-five years on, as mysteriously as he disappeared, a man bearing a striking resemblance to the toddler’s father has now come forward saying that he is that missing child.

Police are taking the claim seriously and have ordered DNA tests to confirm the man’s identity.

Says Jerry Damman:

“It’s hopeful. We do not really know too much yet. We would like to find out the answer while we are still alive. It’s been over 50 years. You kind of give up hope after all that time. But it may be something. I’ve known about it for some time.”

The case:

Mrs Damman parked a buggy holding Steven’s seven-month-old sister Pamela outside the Food Fair in East Meadow, Long Island, at about 2:45pm on October 31, 1955, with Steven standing next to it, holding a bag of jelly beans.

“There were three or four other carriages with babies in them outside the store,” she told The Saturday Evening Post a year later. “I told Steven to be good, that Mama would be right back, and went in.

“It was something which I had done a thousand times, and other women still do. It is as common to a housewife as cooking eggs for breakfast.”

She came out ten minutes later to find both the pushchair and her children gone.

Mrs Damman, then 22, told Newsday, the local paper, that her son could not have moved the pushchair alone…

But Steven, who was just two months shy of his third birthday, had vanished with his jelly beans. No one has ever explained why Pamela was left behind.

The jelly beans!

Babble: Man claiming to be kidnapped child appears 55 years later
It was the Madeleine McCann case of its day – The Australian

Madeleine McCann is still missing.

A Joke: Madeleine McCann, The Pope And A Paedophile Are…

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