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Big Brother Bullying Makes Us Cry

by | 17th, June 2009

sree-big-brotherCONGRATULATIONS to all of you who chose Week 3 in the Big Brother Bullying Sweepstake.

The Sun brings news that Sree is a victim of housemates’ bullying.

Sree is the one draped over Noirin like a wet flannel. Noirin, who like Sree, Rodrigo, Angel and Cairon has been imported to make up for an alarming shortfall in British wannabes (we are all celebs now, darling), may be the first person to suffocate a housemate live on British telly.

As for the bullying…

Sree Dasari’s temper flared yesterday after he was picked on again during a new task Housemates were ordered to perform a routine to song Me Ol’ Bamboo from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Me Ol’ Bamboo. Is that rhyming slang from colonial times? Remind us how it goes again, Videroy:

Caractacus: You use a sturdy pole.

Chorus: To protect their fair complexion

Ah, yes. No room for misunderstanding here. As you were, dark-skinned Sree:

Caractacus: Ladies use a parasol.

Chorus: It’s useful in the underbrush

Caractacus: To have a hefty spear.

Chorus: Right!

Get on with it!

Wolverine lookalike Marcus Akin, 35, told Sree there’d be trouble if he messed it up. After having his mattress nicked by Cairon and Siavash the night before, the 25-year-old was not impressed.

He moaned to Karly: “People are stupid and they think they’re at school. They’ve got no respect. No manners.”

And the bullying, always the bullying?

Well, there isn’t any. But Big Brother is all about the bullying – and the hissy fits – and being the most offended. Without them Big Brother is like watching people become famous just for existing.

And while we tuned in to watch that ten years ago, now we demand that everyone on the telly has a talent. So come on, housemates, start to sing. Or cry

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