Anorak News | Victoria Beckham Leaves Her WAG Boobs Behind Her

Victoria Beckham Leaves Her WAG Boobs Behind Her

by | 17th, June 2009

victoria-beckham-titsWHAT happens to a WAG after her husband or lover retires from football? That question to you, Victoria Beckham.

Vicky is more do than talk and has reduced what the Sun estimates to be her “Double D boobs” to a less WAGular 34 B(eckham)

Posh, 35, felt her mega chest didn’t fit in with her new role as an upmarket fashion designer and mum of three.

Whoahh! How long has showbiz reporter Richard White been in frontline leering? Posh’s chests were never “mega”, not unless they were megabits, and Day-vid was talking in rhyming slang.

White moves on, looking at the history of Sticky Vicky’s chest:

The boob jobs … 1) Natural 34A: Spice Girl Victoria as she hit fame in 90s, 2) Boob job 1, 34D: First op gave pop star a new busty look and 3) Boob job 2: Star’s WAG look after second operation

Victoria has, of course, never admitted to having had a boob job. And Anorak has long held the belief that either her chest looks bigger because the rest of her is so very skinny, or that she advocates the Bra Bag, a brazier that doubles as extra storage for when that bucket bag slips out of fashion, or that her left chest is filled with a Vitamin shake and her right with orange tic-tacs.

But where’s Her Poshness now? Well, some bits are still on the floor at Messers Nip ‘n’ Tuck’s surgery. And the rest is:

She is now recovering in France with soccer star hubby DAVID, 34, and their sons BROOKLYN, ten, ROMEO, six, and four-year-old CRUZ.

A source said: “Victoria has wanted her implants taken out for a while. She felt that was part of her old WAG image – the big hair, big boobs, fake tan – and that she has moved on since those days.”

So we can expect an ever lighter Posh as the hair and wood stain go the way of the chests. All additions should be kept in a museum for WAGS, so that in time many will be able to stop and stare and wonder how Mr Tango managed it…

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