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Susan Boyle Launches Range Of Merchandise

by | 17th, June 2009

simon-cowell-unveils-susan-boyle-range-of-merchandiseSUSAN Boyle Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Susan Boyle in the news. Susan launches a new range of merchandise, which may say well should she well, retire undefeated…

The Frisky:

Susan Boyle is one reality TV contestant who let fame go to her head. And by that, I mean she had a breakdown as a result of the celebrity that was thrust upon her after appearing on “Britain’s Got Talent.” But she’s not alone. Paula Goodspeed committed suicide outside “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul’s home after being teased about her weak tryout. Then there’s CT from “Real World/Road Rules Challenges: The Duel 2,” who would have killed Adam in a couple fights if producers and cast members hadn’t intervened.


‘Britain’s Got Talent’ runner up Susan Boyle has already attracted celebrity fans like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, but now she can add American metal band Slipknot to the list. According to the Press Association, frontman Corey Taylor told the ‘Daily Star’: “Susan Boyle was incredible. Somebody told me about the show and I said: ‘I’ve got to see this – I Dreamed A Dream, are you kidding me?’ I put it on and she was fantastic. The people on that panel were in tears – even Simon Cowell just sat back and said: ‘Oh my God.’ When Susan Boyle leans into it she’s great. She’s a little bit crazy – but aren’t we all?”

The Scotsman, Josie Balfour:

SPARKLING in the simple silver dress that took her to second place in the Britain’s Got Talent final just three weeks ago, Susan Boyle clocked up three standing ovations for a rapturous nine-minute homecoming performance at the Edinburgh Playhouse last night.


Susan Boyle was mobbed by fans after her performance in Edinburgh as part of the Britain’s Got Talent tour yesterday.


Simon Cowell has denied he exploited Susan Boyle.
The reality TV mogul claims he could tell the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ star was struggling to cope with her newfound fame and offered to tear up her contract and excuse her from the show’s final. Simon, 49, said: “No one ever put gun to her head and said you’ve got to enter the show. I sat down with her and said ‘Look, if this is getting too much for you, you don’t have to go into the final. No one’s going to force you – you do whatever you want, whatever suits you’. “And she looked me in the eye and said, ‘No I want to win this competition, I want to give it a go’. That was the decision we all made.”

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