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Thomas Prusik-Parkin ‘Posed’ As His Dead Mother to Claim Benefits

by | 17th, June 2009

thomas-prusik-parkin-posed-as-his-dead-mother-to-claim-benefitsIN New York, Thomas Prusik-Parkin is arrested for impersonating his dead mother, Irene Prusik in order to claim her $115,000 in social security benefits and rent subsidies.

Mrs Irene Priski died in 2003. If Mr Thomas Prusik-Parkin was impersonating her, we marvel at how it took anyone six years to notice. For one thing, the smell must have been terrible. For another, with limbs falling off, how did he sign for anything?

It turns out that Thomas Prusik-Parkin, 49, never told the benefits office his mum had died. He dressed up as she would have looked were she alive, clad in a wig, dress and make-up.

And his defence? According to police – so believe it or leave it – Mr Prusik-Parkin uttered upon his arrest:

“I held my mother when she was dying and breathed in her last breath, so I am my mother.”

Which means that if you are in the room when someone dies and you inhale, you become them.

Another man, a Mhilton Rimolo, age – get this – 47, is accused of pretending to be Mrs Prusik’s nephew.

An eight-year-old scout…

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