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Katie Price Threatens To Knife Daily Star Journalist

by | 18th, June 2009

katie-price-jordan-knifeKATIE Price, aka Jordan, dressed in a tinfoil bikini and a straw cowboy hat full of holes, is illustrating the Star’s front-page screamer that she did threaten to knife a Daily Star journalist:


It’s a story echoed by the Mirror’s front cover:


If anyone knows about being cut up it’s Jordan. Jordan won’t so much slice you as whittle you into something more like her. Scalpel! Pelican knife! Plane!

The Sun calls it a “rave-up in Ibiza”. But the Star is tougher on knife crime and is more precise:

CRAZED Kate Price put on a boozy live sex show and threatened me: “I’ll cut your f***ing face.”

An instant face lift in a club? Jessica Brown explains:

The wild model flew into a rage because she thought I work for the magazine that prints husband Peter Andre’s column. Kate vowed to slice me inside Ibiza superclub Eden, where she left nothing to the imagination as she stripped to her tiny thong and then exposed herself.

Where was she hiding the knife?

She dirty-danced with a group of lads, including model Anthony Lowther, 28, who she took back to her hotel to spend the night with.

A clubber said: “It was pretty steamy stuff. She kept hitching her dress up and didn’t seem to care that we could all see everything. She was grinding up against the lads and her girlfriends and their hands were all over her.”

Plus ca change, as they say at ITV2.

But it was her threat to slash me that showed just how much Kate has gone off the rails since her split from singer Peter, 36, last month. The 31-year-old model, alias Jordan, thought that I work for new! magazine, which carries Peter’s weekly column.

A lock down at new magazine. All hacks working there should check in every fifteen minutes. If a short, thin woman starts dry humping your leg, remain calm.

She flew at me with a manic look in her eyes and spat in my face: “I’m gonna cut your f***ing face. I swear to f***ing God I’ll cut you.”

No picture of Jessica Brown if offered, but who would not benefit from a little off the nose?

The Mirror fails to identify Brown but does call her a “pretty brunette”.

And looks matter:

Earlier, as she arrived at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel to watch the Ting Tings perform, she launched into a tirade at a female fan who asked if she could have a photograph. Katie barked: “No, I’m not having my picture with you. Another thing, I should let you know that you’re ugly. Really ugly…”

But if you’re in club Eden tonight, I can change all that. I can make you like me. I can make you all like me! (Insert sound of manic laughter here.)

Note: The Daily Star is sister publication to OK! magazine, for which Jordan writes an agony aunt column. Will Jessica Brown write in? Will Jordan offer her advice? Read on…

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